Modeling Design Art NBH3





My main occupation is a manicurist. I started my career as a manicurist in 1997 and started making art works around 2001.
I create my art works utilizing the techniques of the manicurist, and mainly use materials for nail art.
In 2014, I coined the term gModeling nail design arth and began to create art works in earnest.
To show art works created as a manicurist as "contemporary art", I realized that "HANDS" are important, and thought that "beautiful and easy-to-use hands that move just like human joints" are necessary.
Then, to create gHANDSh, in 2015 I started to learn from world-famous artist Ryo Yoshida at
gDoll Space Pygmalionh, the ball-jointed doll school, and completed gHANDSh in two years.
The nail design (nail tip) I produced as nail art is displayed on gHANDSh; it developed into a more interesting and mysterious art that couldnft be expressed by human hands.
Starting with nails, combining "HANDS", it has now become contemporary art.
I am producing my art works, committed to the detail of the movement of the gHANDh, and conscious of Japanese delicateness, the realism of the texture, and the color.
By expressing "beauty, wonder and interest", I am aiming to create unique art works.
All works are made to be viewed from any angle.

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